oh my gold – What I’m using to plan & focus lately


I want to pre-order this so badly, but it costs about what I pay my tax guy per month, and despite the fact that paper is definitely more effective for me  to plan things (I have problems understanding time, so my do to lists are as long as the Iliad, and I get stressed and angry at myself for “failing” to complete them), I just don’t think I can justify having two organisers.

Why am I using paper? Why so 1980’s?

 Since I work for myself, my time really is money, so organisation is really key if I want to be able to enjoy any time off in the evening, and make sure my bird isn’t neglected during the day.

My paper agenda forces me to put the to-do items lists from any.do into time slots and in doing so, consider how much I can really expect to do in a day, which helps me make more realistic and achievable plans. This helps me stay on top of business startup up stuff (much more bureaucratic here than in the UK), work meetings and projects, training in various web skills, date night ideas, Spanish class, socialising, flat improvement ideas, and the extra domestic duties that come with living with a swiss guy with an OCD ex-cleaning lady for a mom- without feeling overwhelmed. And without taking up all my phone memory or taking forever to load on my mac the way Evernote did. I still use evernote to keep all my links organised.

I still need my G-Cal and google now to let me know of things in Miguel’s agenda (is he here for dinner? Lunch?), his travel schedule (is he back this Friday?) so I can make weekend plans accordingly, and to tell me when I need to get out of the house to make appointments, but paper gives me a mental framework for the week’s activities and helps me focus. I have a whole pintrest board on printable paper planners and other time hacks.

For bigger personal and career growth, I also quite like The Smart Goals Guide of printable planners. This feels a bit like having a life coach help you figure out what you want in life and then break it down into steps you can take per quarter, per month, per day. But filling it in takes some mental energy and quite a bit of time. I do recommend it, though.

One more thing on the subject of focus, I’m also using hypnosis mp3’s to help me avoid distractions, think in a less scattered way, and to not get overwhelmed when it’s all going down at once. I’ve also got some downloads queued for personal development, but for now, I’m focusing on productivity. I’ve never been ‘a dance in the rain‘ type, but it seems to be working.

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