The tangible (& tangle-able) benefits of reading Spanish Buzzfeed: I know where to get mermaid hair

By now, I’ve bored everyone I know in Madrid with how I want hair like this

wpid-wp-1437395801103.png wpid-wp-1437395965614.png wpid-wp-1437394679755.png

But not knowing anyone with rainbow hair that would need as much bleaching as mine would, and not having a visible equivalent of Toni & Guy around I wasn’t sure where to go.

Enter Buzzfeed Spanish edition. Oh yes. This was a recommended read from the FluentU blog, so it counts as Spanish practice.

My head still hurts after reading a few “articles”, but I did come away with a name of color brand which I could google in Madrid, and found this hair dresser in funky Malasaña. (Also, I know how to talk about cleaning sex toys in Spanish now, because that’s obviously a subject I want to discuss with people I meet.)

Take away lesson: those trash reading sites are actually good at improving Spanish and kind of useful for discovering stuff. And good for helping you talk about hair. I’m going to brave the salon without Miguel. If I come back with a buzzcut, so be it.

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