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While frustrating, stressful and upsetting things happen in the non-blog world, I am trying not to write about them here as I feel it only makes me dwell on them more. I acknowledge them, but try and refocus for the benefit of not feeling drained all day. Also, it means I save money on bleach, giant bin bags, and duct tape.

But every time I hear about what the government in the UK is doing to benefits I can’t help but get upset and angry. The people their policies affect were my neighbors, some of them were my co-workers when they were kids, my friends. Me too, if I were doing worse healthwise and needed to be on benefits, which at one point was a possibility. While they are in a position to withhold financial aid from people they deem “able to work” (and are rewarded for meeting their target number of cutting disabled people off), there is no counter effort to ensure that companies accommodate people with health conditions- a story I know only too well from experience.

I’ve decided that I need to get as active as possible in fighting this, but I am swamped right now with work, starting my business, my programming course, Spanish class, and being the domestic body in this relationship to man and beast (and so many plants. Why do I like the fussy types of species, again?) in this house. This is more of a mental sticky note to me for when I’m done with the course, at least.

I don’t know where to begin or what I can even do while living in Spain?

Places future-me will start:

Disability Rights UK blog

Disability rights UK – official website

Rethink: Mental health activism.

If anyone has any ideas on what else I can do about benefits cuts and benefits sanctions, short of signing a million online petitions and flying back, I’d love to hear ideas.

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