My hair is 50% dry shampoo, 50% a mix of leave-in conditioner, UV spray, and hair serum since coloring it. I kind of just “went” for the color without doing a lot of reading (it’s hair. It grows back!) so didn’t realise that bright color was so easily washed out.

Each shampoo leaves a blue pool of water around my feet. My pillow is stained after a few days, and my hair brush is always coated with blue powder after each brushing as well as leaving a dusting of blue powder around where I brush. A tiny bit alarming, but I’ve been trained to brush over the sink by the swiss cleanliness obsessive, so that’s all good.

So now I try and wash as infrequently as possible -abusing my dry shampoo in between washes-  and keep it pinned up, braided and generally out of the way during the day. I sleep with an ultra smexy hair bonnet to protect the pillow (rawwwwr, yes?). I wash with sulphate free shampoo only at the roots and use the coldest water I can get out of the shower. And I’m looking into using overtone vivid color depositing conditioner, to keep the color for longer. I’m also coveting a dechlorinator for the shower, but…eh, the price.

Maybe one day.

So I thought I’d put together a little collection of stuff I’ve been using and coveting. I already rock my favorite mermaid leggings and jellyfish leggings from amazon, so didn’t include them here.

Hope you enjoy!

Mermaid hair care & accessories

Deborah Lippmann nail polish
€24 –

L Oréal Paris beauty product
€5,16 –

Batiste powder shampoo
€3,76 –

Black hair accessory
€8,17 –

Casetify tech accessory
€36 –

Rosantica pearl hair accessory
€77 –

Kate spade eye glasses
€62 –

Head wrap headband
€6,35 –

Olivia Pratt colorful jewelry
€19 –

White cotton tee
€20 –

Manic Panic mineral face powder
€16 –

€1,44 –

Be sure to check out overtone’s Instagram page for how intense some of those colors look. It’s true that they seem to only look that way on the lightest ash blond hair (dyed or otherwise), but I’d still like to try on my ‘brond’ dyed ends and see how it looks.

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