About me

c’est moi!

In January 2014, I quit my job, rented my apartment in Oxford, UK, sold my 200 litre Cichlid fish tank, and moved to Madrid, Spain to be with my partner.

Sure, there’s a backstory- but the Devil is in the details.

Things you need to know for this blog to make sense:

  • I work in UX and web analysis.
  • I live with my partner, who works from home most days (and often deep into the night), but travels often for his job. I have a lot of alone time.
  • He is swiss born and raised (although both parents are spanish), so basically obsessive about tidiness and cleanliness. I am a natural disaster zone of mess and chaos. I get over-excited about things like steam mops and organisation tips on Pinterest if it means I can keep the place tidy without spending too much time on it.
  • I have a parrot.
    My little boo-boo bear, just after his birdie bath.

    This really does not mesh well with my partner’s sense of tidiness, but bird love is worth a little extra cleaning per day. Ok, a lot of extra cleaning per day.

  • I have multiple food allergies. No epi-pen will help me, so I don’t eat out as cross contamination is an issue. I cook all my meals and get very excited about quality food storage options and kitchen gadgets, recipe apps, etc. I have my 10,000 hours cooking, and love cooking for or sharing with others, and sharing recipes.
  • 11327032_455520824609610_227453353_n
    Home-made Borscht. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this was both light and filling at the same time.

    I love global cooking and cooking with spices. If I’m not allergic to it, I eat it.

  • I’m recovering from CFS. I’m living a mostly normal life by now with the help of a steady graded exercise routine, but I’m not able to party until dawn and it may seem like I’m lazy or boring sometimes or in a bad mood some days (running days especially), but really I’m just wiped out.
  • I’m a slugger. I don’t like to be comfortable for too long before I push my limits again in some capacity.

    Words to live by
    Words I live by
  • I’m a clumsy, comically expressive person, but I seem to unsettle people a lot of the time. My blog name is just having fun with that uncomfortable fact. Maybe I just suck socially while emitting evil death vibes. Either way–> blog name.
  • The exception to the above are geeks, goths, deviants, and assorted outsiders. Those people are my countrymen. 

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