Other Women: the problem with Mona Eltehawi’s “Handmaid Tale” comment

First wave feminists told married women that sex was rape and that bras and girdles were oppression. The problem was the vast majority of married women did not feel they were being raped. Many had no strong feelings about bras beyond the trouble of finding a comfortable one that fit for various dress cuts. And [...]

Tips for Bilingual WordPress Sites & Plugins for Wedding Sites

TL:DR; How to translate a wordpress plugin or theme. Just read that link because that's what you need. "No,  I have time..what problems might I run into when building a bilingual page?" Thanks! OK, so we're using wordpress to make a wedding site. I would prefer to GTD it by using a free, ready to roll [...]

The Creative (ADHD) Person’s Guide to Productivity at Home

There is one sneaky thing I’m not telling you, though.
It’s really easy to stay busy. Being effective is hard.

There is one sneaky thing I'm not telling you, though. It's really easy to stay busy. Being effective is hard.

The Thinness of Our Emotional SPF

We live in an age of cognitive dissonance. Where things are what we say they are, yet also their polar opposite, and in which we are all the things we call others. Liberals are simultaneously soft hearted, emotion lead hippies without jobs, yet also mean, non-accepting and media controlling elitists. Progressives who detested the tea [...]

Xmas Gifts for Geeks: The Foodie

  Xmas Gifts for Geeks: The Foodie by dialmformagma on Polyvore GOAT STORY Coffee Mug 350ml Black Real Leather: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen... €61 - amazon.co.uk Valhalla Java Ground Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company, Fair Trade... €57 - amazon.co.uk Dragon Cake Pan: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home €35 - amazon.co.uk

Gorgeous aternatives to glass straws

  Gorgeous aternatives to glass straws by dialmformagma featuring gold jewelry Amazon.com: Teenie Greenie Wide Straight Glass Drinking Straws... €26 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €18 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €12 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €8,96 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €5,40 - amazon.com Hummingbird Glass Straws Daisy on Clear Bent 9 in x 9.5 mm Straw With... €25 - amazon.com Gold jewelry €2.475 - ylang23.com

UX: design, sharing and collaboration apps, and specification tools

I'm still feeling my way through working in UX. My repeat client is a team of developers of SAS web applications. They code and my job is to make their mighty, very powerful and feature rich web apps pretty and simple looking. I work in graphic design software, share the jpegs, get feedback, make changes, [...]