About this blog

I started this blog with the intention of chronicling my settling into Spain, but that got dark pretty quickly and that sort of thing is best left to LiveJournal, the sofas of therapists, and the bottom of rum bottles.

So, now it’s more about distilling and publishing morning musings that don’t belong on my company site or medium (although I’m in two minds about if that’s the best way to go.) and sharing things that might appeal to people into the same stuff as me.

I don’t want to oblige anyone to read my writing though, so to that end there’s a handy Diigo account where all my public bookmarks live which people can subscribe to. They’re mostly tagged so you can just filter through to what interests you. I save free graphic design resources I find, online tools for web design, UX, coding, articles to read later- all kinds of stuff.

I save most of the recipes I find online in Yummly. I love how it works out the nutrition, calories and shopping list from regular blog posts, and being able to glance at my mobile while shopping, or in the kitchen while cooking is very helpful.

There’s also my youtube playlists relating DIY cosplay ideasbollywood dancecooking methods, ukelele playing. And if you reeeally want to hear the uncool stuff I listen to (don’t go into the basement!) I’m on spotify.

I write mostly in the following blog categories:

I’ll set it up later so you can subscribe or get notified about only the subjects you are interested in hearing about, so no-one has to get a million parrot or spoonie related posts.

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