Gorgeous aternatives to glass straws

  Gorgeous aternatives to glass straws by dialmformagma featuring gold jewelry Amazon.com: Teenie Greenie Wide Straight Glass Drinking Straws... €26 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €18 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €12 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €8,96 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €5,40 - amazon.com Hummingbird Glass Straws Daisy on Clear Bent 9 in x 9.5 mm Straw With... €25 - amazon.com Gold jewelry €2.475 - ylang23.com

UX: design, sharing and collaboration apps, and specification tools

I'm still feeling my way through working in UX. My repeat client is a team of developers of SAS web applications. They code and my job is to make their mighty, very powerful and feature rich web apps pretty and simple looking. I work in graphic design software, share the jpegs, get feedback, make changes, [...]

Mermaid hair care & accessories

My hair is 50% dry shampoo, 50% a mix of leave-in conditioner, UV spray, and hair serum since coloring it. I kind of just "went" for the color without doing a lot of reading (it's hair. It grows back!) so didn't realise that bright color was so easily washed out. Each shampoo leaves a blue pool [...]

Summer recipe find & Kitchen haul: Grilled Zucchini Roll-Ups with cream “cheese” and Herbs

This recipe would go great with gazpacho in the Madrid summer heat, and is just begging to be made with the dairy and soy free cream cheese I found at Planeta Vegano in Lavapies. Bonus points: the store delivers!! In addition to having dairy and soy free cream cheese, the same brand also has smoked [...]

The tangible (& tangle-able) benefits of reading Spanish Buzzfeed: I know where to get mermaid hair

By now, I've bored everyone I know in Madrid with how I want hair like this But not knowing anyone with rainbow hair that would need as much bleaching as mine would, and not having a visible equivalent of Toni & Guy around I wasn't sure where to go. Enter Buzzfeed Spanish edition. Oh yes. [...]

Slow cooker “dump and run” recipe: ‘creamy’ chicken, mixed mushrooms and artichoke

This took less than 15 minutes to get ready right before heading out to watch The Minions on saturday night, including taking the food out of the grocery bags and freezer and packing everything away after. Ingredients: 1 large spring onion (the onion part was decent-sized). I could have used regular onion, but I like [...]