Xmas Gifts for Geeks: The Foodie

  Xmas Gifts for Geeks: The Foodie by dialmformagma on Polyvore GOAT STORY Coffee Mug 350ml Black Real Leather: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen... €61 - amazon.co.uk Valhalla Java Ground Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company, Fair Trade... €57 - amazon.co.uk Dragon Cake Pan: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home €35 - amazon.co.uk


Gorgeous aternatives to glass straws

  Gorgeous aternatives to glass straws by dialmformagma featuring gold jewelry Amazon.com: Teenie Greenie Wide Straight Glass Drinking Straws... €26 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €18 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €12 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €8,96 - amazon.com Kitchen gadgets tool €5,40 - amazon.com Hummingbird Glass Straws Daisy on Clear Bent 9 in x 9.5 mm Straw With... €25 - amazon.com Gold jewelry €2.475 - ylang23.com

Mermaid hair care & accessories

My hair is 50% dry shampoo, 50% a mix of leave-in conditioner, UV spray, and hair serum since coloring it. I kind of just "went" for the color without doing a lot of reading (it's hair. It grows back!) so didn't realise that bright color was so easily washed out. Each shampoo leaves a blue pool [...]